The morning Sun

The morning sun is a love story set in Seville. Marco and Valentina meet by chance, their freindship develops and each has to fight back from previous emotional disappointments to find the courage to see a way forward. Their journey delves into the sinews of relationships, the subconscious, the warmth of friendship and the aching tenderness of love. The story plays out in Seville, but the action moves to Florence and Corsica before a breathless finale back home. A varied cast of secondary characters colours the story, the tone is warm, honest, and contains much humour, passion, and music, which almost another character in the tale.

Reinassance On The Road

My second novel, Renaissance On The Road follows the fortunes of Eduardo, hitch-hiking out of town on the run from family betrayal, and a trio of Early Music performers on a tour through Spain. Their lives intertwine and the story follows their adventures, relationships, secrets and dreams, through the storied streets of deep Spain. The group pursue their dream of a professional career, while Eddie, in search of someone from his past, heads for Santiago de Compostela. Music is ever present throughout this road trip through time, place and song.