Who is Barry Smith?

I was born and bred in East London, and have lived in Sevilla, Spain since the early 1980s. I teach English for a living and write because it’s always been a passion. As well as Spanish I also speak Italian. Three languages, three identities, no wonder I’m confused.

I’d say I write mostly about people, our shared experiences, emotions and ways of making sense of everything and getting through the day. Relationships, friendships, loyalty, betrayal, different ways of seeing the same thing, these are common themes in my writing. I’m more interested in characterisation and atmosphere than intricate plot, yet the stories all start somewhere and finish somewhere else.

Is it all fictional? In theory, yes, but it’s all come from somewhere, as I try to reflect what’s common to us all, real situations we all recognise.

I write from what I know, so the settings in Spain are closest to my heart and where I can feel the strongest pulse. I hope some sense of the colour and life of the country comes across.

Music is my lifelong passion, and is the heart of much of what I write. It informs the scenes, the background listening, the thoughts and feelings of the characters as they listen. Medieval, renaissance, baroque, rock, instrumental, folk, fusion, guitar players, quality songs of many genres.

As well as the two books I’ve published so far, here I shall regularly post short pieces of a varied hue. Please feel free to comment, and get in touch.

Saved By Music

Rafael was looking out of the window as he and Luis sped through northern Extremadura and were approaching the flat lands of old Castille. Spain

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Gladys Trinket

Gladys was lying on her death bed. A misplaced footfall descending the stairs at home and she’d tumbled down, almost in slow motion, and come

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